Authentic IT Experience

OneSource Technology guarantees each client will have an authentic IT experience, free of fear, uncertainty and doubt. We don't believe in scare tactics.

We provide the authentic IT experience in Kansas that you need to support your technology effectively.

  • Do you need a managed services provider with a track record of managing complex systems for hundreds of satisfied clients?
  • Would your business benefit from the advice of experts who can recognize threats to your data or networks?
  • Does your company need help with setting up and managing its resources in the cloud?

No matter the obstacles you face when trying to grow your business in Kansas, OneSource has the vendor partners, technical capabilities, and authentic IT experience to keep your operations as competitive and lean as possible. We ensure that your company and customer data is safe from any internal or external threats by implementing cutting-edge security systems and training your employees on proactive best practices when accessing and using your company’s IT resources.

Authentic IT Experience

Why Your Business Needs A MSP With Authentic IT Experience

No matter how much training you give your IT employees, the activity tends to be isolated, and might not give them the right experience required to set up and maintain complex business systems. A study by SalesForce shows that 6 out of 10 small businesses find it challenging to implement new technologies without outside help. OneSource provides a highly experienced IT expert who will promote the growth and success of your business. With each of our IT professionals boasting years of authentic IT experience, they provide services that perfectly fit your budget and needs, since they know how to get things done faster and better. Our team assures you of:

  • Experience in a range of new and legacy technologies
  • Enterprise-grade systems to ensure system reliability and data security
  • Professional technology management and proactive IT support
  • 24×7 support services and helpdesk whenever you need them
  • IT consultancy and strategic advice from experts with experience in emerging technologies
  • Experience in the administration of solutions from leading technology vendors

Services To Businesses In Kansas City Where OneSource Has Authentic IT Experience

At OneSource, we provide all our clients with professional services delivered by engineers and technicians trained, qualified, certified, and genuinely experienced in all aspects of IT support. Our team has the following solutions for growing businesses:

Managed IT Services

If you have a pressing technology issue and need assistance, you want to get someone knowledgeable and skilled on the phone right away to help you resolve your problem. When you become our Managed Service Partner, we will give you access to some of the most experienced and qualified IT professionals available. Because they know your business environment intimately, they can quickly and effectively resolve technology issues by providing:

  • Managed technical support
  • vCIO and technology advisory services
  • Proactive technology best practices
  • Vendor management

Cybersecurity Services

The technology we use in business evolves continuously. As a result, companies get exposed to many new types of cyber threats that simple security measures cannot handle. What’s more, according to, 60% of small and mid-sized businesses close shop within six months of a significant data breach. Strengthen your company’s cybersecurity posture in this fluid environment by partnering with OneSource to offer you comprehensive protection for your networks, devices, and data. Our multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced professionals will advise you on the proactive steps you need to take to prevent a breach of your systems. We have the proven ability and technical competencies to provide the following security solutions:

  • Anti-malware
  • Penetration testing
  • Network security and firewalls
  • Email security
  • Data backup and restore services
  • Wireless network security

Cloud Solutions And Applications

Cloud services empower your team by allowing them to work securely from anywhere. OneSource’s experienced cloud services experts will implement solutions designed to make your business operations secure, highly scalable, and more agile. Our team has a track record of transforming companies by offering access to cloud-based apps to increase efficiency and, as a result, boost profitability. Our team has genuine experience in implementing the following solutions:

  • File sharing solutions
  • Hosted email
  • Cloud-based business applications
  • Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions

Do Not Gamble With Your Business – Get Genuine IT Experience in Kansas City

If your growing company does not have the resources to match larger companies’ in-house IT personnel, our experienced experts and innovative services will help you level the playing field. We serve as your outsourced IT department, providing a high level of service at a low, monthly cost that you can afford. Talk to OneSource today and see the difference that an authentic IT experience can make to your business in Kansas City.