Cybersecurity Solutions

OneSource Technology is Kansas City's most trusted name in Cybersecurity. Get no FUD with us. We tell you the truth about cybersecurity and don't scare you.

We Deliver Robust Cybersecurity Services to Protect Your Kansas City Business from Today’s Online Threats

  • Are you looking to remain operational amidst unavoidable disasters?
  • Do you need cybersecurity solutions that diffuse threats in time?
  • Do you want to enhance your business continuity and disaster recovery ability?

SMBs often have a hard time navigating the modern vulnerable IT landscape. Data protection and cloud security solutions help businesses keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Partnering with a reliable cybersecurity service provider ensures that your business can identify security loopholes and initiate steps to secure your tech infrastructure.

OneSource Technology delivers reliable cybersecurity services that secure your core systems while offering 24/7 access to users. Count on us to help you get ahead of emerging cyberattacks, phishing scams, and data theft. Our expert team deploys next-gen firewalls and multifactor authentication to our comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. We also monitor client networks proactively with state-of-the-art intrusion prevention systems.

Cybersecurity Services

How Can Your Business Benefit From Our Cybersecurity Services?

At OneSource, we work diligently to assess your existing security landscape and provide suggestions to strengthen your business’s security posture. Our security experts work round-the-clock to resolve security flaws and develop a clear roadmap to address shortcomings. Our experienced technicians can optimize your security infrastructure and create a secure environment for your employees. Count on us to extend your team’s capacity to secure applications and network infrastructure.

With our customized intrusion detection systems, your business can leverage efficient network threat detection and response. Our team can monitor your network traffic proactively and provide alerts when we notice suspicious activity. We also deliver wireless network security solutions that keep your networks safe while boosting mobility and flexibility. Let us educate your staff on industry-best practices in mitigating and dealing with cyberattacks.
Our reliable cybersecurity services deliver:

  • Security audits that reveal network vulnerabilities
  • Peace of mind, knowing that experienced technicians monitor your network 24/7
  • Enterprise-grade firewalls and robust malware detection software
  • Proactive network monitoring solutions
  • Compliance with evolving government and industry requirements

Our Cybersecurity Services

At OneSource, we take a proactive cybersecurity approach that minimizes intrusions and unauthorized access to your network. Count on us for:

Security Assessment and Testing

OneSource Technology’s security assessment determines your network’s security status, helping you fix any issues before hackers exploit them. Our team can help you find and document security flaws and outdated security policies. We’ll then work with your in-house team to create robust protocols that minimize data breaches. With our cybersecurity services, your organization can:

  • Find vulnerabilities before they breach
  • Manage critical data risks
  • Discover weak points in your defenses

Data Backup & Business Continuity

Unavoidable disasters can lead to the loss of sensitive data and cost your business in legal liabilities and lost opportunities. Our expert team offers offsite and onsite cloud backup solutions that guarantee seamless business recovery in case a disaster occurs. With our image-based backups, your organization can restore operations with ease. Count on us to:

  • Test and monitor backups regularly
  • Create a robust business continuity plan

Email & Network Security

Our team can help you install robust firewalls that block intrusion without slowing your system’s performance. We also provide round-the-clock network monitoring to detect and resolve malware infections before they cause significant harm. Our web content and spam filtering solutions ensure that hackers can’t compromise your systems. Let us safeguard you against hackers, cybercriminals, and phishing attacks. We also offer:

  • Automatic quarantines that block malware from accessing your email
  • Patch management to eliminate new vulnerabilities
  • Up-to-date anti-virus software to stop emerging threats

Improve Your Security Posture with Our Reliable Cybersecurity Services

OneSource delivers best-in-class security tools and support to Kansas City businesses, ensuring that no risks get through. Let us help you deal with evolving threats in a highly responsive manner. Contact us today to learn more!