IT Solutions For Kansas City Businesses

OneSource Technology provides IT solutions and IT services for large to small companies in Kansas City. Call now to get a free IT services quote.

OneSource provides well-rounded IT solutions that cover all aspects of business technology.

  • Do you need expertise in setting up, managing, and securing your data and corporate IT assets?
  • Does your business require a one-stop, end-to-end managed IT solutions provider?
  • Do you want to access the latest cloud technology without breaking the bank?

Although you can pick and choose the technical support services you want to outsource, there are significant advantages to picking OneSource, a Managed Service Provider offering a complete suite of well-rounded IT solutions for growing businesses. Not only will you remove the burden of handling IT problems from your shoulders, but you also benefit from a consistently high level of service and a single point of contact.

IT Solutions in Kansas City

Why Your Business Needs a Managed IT Solutions Provider

As your technology partner, OneSource provides complete technology management solutions to ensure that your enterprise is efficient and secure. As your organization’s IT team in Kansas City, we have a large and multi-skilled collection of technology experts, ensuring that we can adequately handle any request that you send our way – even those that need specialized expertise. There are several reasons why we provide superior service:

  • Our staff has extensive experience in a variety of technologies
  • We set up enterprise-grade systems for reliability and data security
  • We offer professional and proactive technical support
  • OneSource has a 24×7 support helpdesk
  • Our people have expertise and experience in emerging cloud technology

What a Well-Rounded IT Solutions Provider Takes Care Of

Our team takes pride in our capacity to provide a full range of IT solutions to growing businesses. Our services are:

Network Management and Technical Support

Managing a business’ IT infrastructure requires an in-depth knowledge of the setup of servers, switches, firewalls, routers, and desktops. Even with the emergence of cloud-based infrastructure, your office still requires connection via physical access points for both your voice and data services. Also, the work does not stop at setup. A well-rounded IT services provider should offer constant monitoring and proactive technical support to identify issues and fix problems before a system breaks. Your MSP must be on call at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency. At OneSource, we provide an extensive suite of managed IT services as part of an end-to-end solution that includes:

  • Managed IT support
  • Virtual CIO and tech advisory services
  • Proactive IT best practices training
  • Solution vendor management

Cybersecurity Services

For your network’s security, you need to do more than configure a firewall, install antivirus software on your desktops, and hoping that you are protected. OneSource can provide your business with well-rounded security solutions, manage security policies on your behalf, and carry out regular audits of your systems. Besides having security experts on hand to cater to your needs, we also have a suite of integrated, end-to-end scanning tools covering your entire network and offering ongoing intrusion detection. All the services that a Continuum study shows are what 9 out of 10 business owners need from their Managed IT Services Provider. We provide the following cybersecurity services:

  • Anti-malware solutions
  • Vulnerability tests
  • Network security
  • Email scanning

Cloud Solutions and Applications

With the shift to cloud-based computing gathering pace every day, it is a technology you cannot afford to ignore if you want to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Having your applications and data in the cloud will help you lower your capital expenditure, reduce your operational costs, and add flexibility. OneSource has a range of cloud services that let you add or reduce computing resources, bandwidth, or storage whenever you want and for as long as you need. With our team of experienced technicians holding professional certifications in a variety of relevant disciplines, we can help you choose and maintain any of the solutions below and more:

  • Cloud business apps
  • File sharing solutions
  • Remote data backup and restore
  • Hosted email
  • Hosted VoIP solutions

Get Your IT Services Handled By Our Well-Rounded IT Solutions Experts

Often, you will find that a Managed Services Provider has particular expertise in one area of technology but may not provide robust solutions in another. OneSource has a large team of highly trained, experienced, and extremely motivated engineers and technicians who cover the entire spectrum of IT solutions. Contact us today, and find out how our well-rounded IT solutions for Kansas City businesses can help your company succeed in a competitive business environment.