Kansas City IT Services
By OneSource Technology

OneSource Technology provides IT services and IT support to large and small organizations throughout Kansas City.

IT Services In Kansas City Provided By OneSource Technology

But I’ve got two questions for you. Do their services help your business grow and expand? And, have they created a positive impact on your business?

If not, then I believe you’re not getting your money’s worth. IT services should tap into your business’ potential while removing IT roadblocks from your teams’ productivity. However, most IT service providers focus on selling you things to secure you from FUD.

Wait a minute…

Kansas City IT Services

What is FUD?

FUD is a fun little acronym that stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. But when I say fun, it doesn’t imply that your company will be having any fun. It’s just a tactic IT Service companies and vendors use to motivate you into buying their products or services.

They’ll take the latest data on cybersecurity threats, try to relate it to your business, to raise your level of concern. Once you’re hooked, they close the sales pitch with how their services will save you from this disaster.

Wouldn’t you agree your business faces enough stress from competitors and other factors? Therefore, you don’t need any more FUD. I have some great news. You can put your trust in one of the most competent Kansas City IT teams.

No More Fuss or FUD: IT Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost!

OneSource Technology: Quality Services Focused on Client Growth, Productivity, and ProfitabilityPaul Bush, while working as an accounting manager at a local fortune 500 company, founded OneSource Technology in 1998. It started as a part-time basement start-up. But, now we have an extensive footprint in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Growing from such humble beginnings has empowered us with the vision to deliver the right mix of solutions. We focus on scalable solutions that have helped various businesses use their IT investments to attain sustainable growth.

OneSource Technology
Your Kansas City IT Services Team

Managed IT Services

  • Managed Services: Your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. We’ll monitor it regularly to secure it from all potential threats.
  • Hands-On Strategy: We assign one of our experienced engineers as your point person in crafting the most effective IT strategy to ensure your tech needs are aligned to the growth of your business.
  • Proactive Best Practices: Our technicians don’t sit comfortably at their desks and wait for the phone to ring. They take a proactive approach to find and eliminate technical issues before they cause any problems to your business.

IT Security

  • Vulnerability Testing: We don’t prefer handing hackers the initiative. We use their tricks and tools to find and patch systems vulnerabilities before they present themselves.
  • Email and Network Security: We employ all the right security measures to keep spammers, phishing campaigns, Trojan viruses, and other malware away from your business.
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity: We’ll consult with you and work with you to provide the most effective backup system and continuity plan.

Cloud Services

  • Hosted Services: Such services allow your organization to migrate phone systems, core data, and applications to the cloud. We’ll help you evaluate which services make sense for your business and can improve your access and resiliency.
  • Hosted File Sharing: This service helps your employees access and update files no matter where they’re working.
  • Hosted Email: We prefer Microsoft’s 365 services, but can also host your email on our Microsoft Exchange or Kerio Connect mail servers.

Let OneSource Technology’s Kansas City IT Team Help Your Business Meet and Exceed Its Goals

Our growing list of clients features a healthy mix of small and mid-sized companies from various industries. Our heart is in each of our clients’ concerns. We’d love to develop and sustain a healthy relationship with your organization.

Our approach is very hands-on, and you’ll always have a point person from our firm. This individual will take the time to listen to your company’s challenges, goals, and future dreams. Then we’ll come up with a step-by-step plan that will ensure your IT investments work to help your company attain these goals.

It doesn’t just stop at finding an initial solution or strategy, we’ll maintain a constant dialogue to make sure our strategy evolves as your business does.

Are you getting this from your current service provider? Well, you could get it from the most reputable Kansas City IT solutions team here at OneSource Technology.

Call (913) 267-5650 or send us an email at solutions@kansascityitcompany.com to find out more.